Stewardship with Bill McGee-CMAW043

What You’ll Hear:
  • Growing up in a traditional church in a small town, Bill just thought about his faith as something you do.  When he went to college, through FCA he heard about Jesus as someone to have a relationship with instead of someone who wants to have their thumb on you
  • The atmosphere his daughter is now in at college is very different and against Christianity
  • Bill took a job with IBM.  The more he hung around people who were more concerned with lifestyle and money the more he became like them.  He was compromising his beliefs and grew distant from the Lord.
  • His wife started praying for him a lot.  Things started to not work out for him.
  • He and his wife agreed he should leave that job and he became blacklisted, and so he started his own consulting business
  • God brought to him men for him to minister to, and it kept growing.  Eventually Bill’s pastor asked him to join the staff at their church as Men’s Ministry pastor.
  • Stewardship is much more than just money
  • In past human history, they had to spend all of their time just getting by.  We now have much more free time.
  • TV, the internet, entertainment and social media consume our free time
  • We need to be intentional and plan our time for the things that are high priority
  • “Everyone will find time to do what they want to do, and if they don’t they’ll find an excuse”
  • The Momentum is a grander scale of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University where the whole church goes through the concepts
  • If you can get the church to talk about money, you can get them to talk about anything
  • Time and money affect our relationships more than anything
  • Dave Ramsey gets in your face and tells it like it is
  • A tithe is an act of worship
  • God can’t have your heart if He doesn’t have your money
  • Money is where the natural and the supernatural come together
  • If you worry more about how you’re going to spend your money than how you’re going to spend time with God, there’s a problem
  • God holds our relationships together like a skewer holds an apple together that’s cut into slices
  • If the husband isn’t leading well, the wife won’t respond well
  • So many couples put children above their marriage, but children should be third in priority behind God and the spouse
  • Your children are learning from your example
  • Every man wants to win, but if you don’t have other men holding you accountable, it’s going to be a whole lot harder
  • If we could do it by ourselves, we would have done it already
  • You have to be OK with the fact that there are some people you just don’t need to be friends with
  • Be straight with a man and tell someone you like what you see in his character and ask him to start meeting in a group regularly
  • Don’t ever give up on the calling God has placed on your life, write it down, and start praying
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Author: Dave Hilgendorf

Christian, married with 3 daughters, engineer

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