Being Jewish 101 with Jeremiah Zaretsky – CMAW033



What You’ll Hear:
  • The Jewish community does not have consensus on the question “Who is a Jew”
  • In “Jews for Jesus” from a messianic perspective, a Jewish person is someone who is a physical descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  We define being Jewish as an ethnicity
  • According to the Bible, if your father was Jewish you were Jewish
  • Over times, the Rabbis changed that law so that your mother being Jewish made you Jewish. This was in response to rape and pillaging of the Jewish people and to preserve the ability to identify their people
  • If someone is a Jew you’re referring to ethnicity (the bloodline, like hardware).  If someone practices some of the Jewish faith or culture, anyone can do that (like software).
  • The Jewish culture varies in different countries
  • Referring to the Jewish people as “Jews” may be fine or derogatory depending on the context
  • The 3 main branches of Judaism are Orthodox (most conservative), Conservative, and Reformed (most liberal).
  • Orthodox Jews believe in the inerrancy of scripture and the oral law (the Talmad, the rabinical interpretation of the Hebrew scriptures).  They believe in the coming Messiah and the resurrection of the dead. Within Orthodox there are sub-groups of modern Orthodox, strict Orthodox, and the ultra-Orthodox (the Hasidim).
  • A Reformed Jewish person would not believe in the Messiah as a person.  They would not believe in the miracles of the Bible.  There are even athiestic and humanistic synagogues that do not believe in God.  There are a large group of Jewish people who follow Buddhaism (called JewBus) and New Age.
  • As the culture has shifted, there has been a deterioration between these 3 branches and in the beliefs of each
  • Judaism didn’t morphe significantly until after the Temple was destroyed in 70AD.
  • A Yamaka (Yittish) and Kippah (Hebrew) are two names for a skull cap or head covering for men
  • Jewish people tend to vote democrat due to justice issues
  • The general sentiment in our culture and in Jewish culture is whatever makes you happy and that impacts the Pro-life issue.
  • A bar mitzvah is when a boy reaches age 13 (bat mitzvah for a girl).  The ceremony is only about 400 years old.  The essential elements of the ceremony is they spend a year or longer learning Hebrew.  The Torah is broken into 54 portions, so you find the portion associated with the week of your birthday and you learn to chant that in Hebrew.  You give a sermonette on the Torah portion you’re chanting on and what it means to be a man (or woman).  Then you have the party.
  • For most boys their life doesn’t change that much as a result of the bar mitzvah


A Biblical Answer to Poverty with Art Lindsley – CMAW032


What You’ll Hear:
  • Art Lindsley in 4th grade at a summer camp committed his life and felt forgiveness and closeness to the Lord
  • He got a BS in Chemistry, a Master of Divinity and PhD in Religious Studies. He worked at the Ligonier Valley Studies Center with R.C. Sproul for 6 years as Director for Educational Initiatives and for 25 years at the C.S. Lewis Institute partly as President and has been at The Institute for Faith, Work and Economics for 6 years
  • In his book “For the Least of These – A Biblical Answer to Poverty”, he talks about the poverty industry and quotes from the book “Toxic Charity”, Bob Lupton saying “You give once you elicit appreciation, you give twice you create anticipation, you give 3 times you create expectation, you give 4 times it becomes entitlement, you give 5 times you establish dependency”
  • The book “Dead Aid” essentially states that the U.S. ought to stop giving Africa aid as a long term solution. 85% of the aid has gone to a place other than which it was intended.
  • A great film “Poverty Inc.” talks about the need for a new paradigm dealing with poverty. There is often a missing small/medium business in these countries.
  • In one case, some in Hollywood sent 100,000 miscuito nets which drove the local African business out of business
  • In Deuteronomy when it said “you’ll always have the poor” it meant we’ll never have an excuse for not helping the poor
  • The best way to help the poor is to help affirm their dignity as image bearers of God and give them an opportunity to apply their gifts
  • Peter Greer from Hope International asked some poor people how they defined poverty, the answers almost 100% did not deal with money
  • In 1800, 85% were living in desperate poverty, in 1950 50%, in 1992 25%, in 2007 15%, now 10%, almost solely through enterprise
  • Any attempt by government has to take into account that the ultimate goal is to empower people
  • Government, non-profits, and business all have a role
  • In almost every case he would prefer the church rather than government help the poor
  • About 30% of what you give to the government goes to help the poor, about 30% with a non-profit goes to help the poor
  • In the past, the church did take the responsibility of helping the poor
  • In his book “Counting the Cost: A Christian Perspective on Capitalism”, he found an argument against abuse is not an argument against use
  • In Lindsley’s book about C.S. Lewis, he wrote that Lewis as a young boy had a problem with prayer and quit praying because he found it inadequate. Lewis found that just because something is old or something from the past that it is wrong. He also struggled with the problem of evil. He found that if evil is real, there had to be a sufficient basis for it.
  • A discussion between Lewis and Tolkien about myths made a big impact on Lewis. Lewis found a contradiction between his reason and his imagination.
  • From his book “Love The Ultimate Apologetic”, 2 of the major worldviews that standpoint against Christianity, Atheism (all is natural) and Eastern Religion (all is spiritual) provide no basis for love. The path to love
  • Work – Jesus was a small business-man for about 20 years and was noted in His field for being excellent at what He did and He spent 3 years in ministry. It must be OK to be in business and to work with your hands.
  • Work-life balance – we’re called to be faithful in every area of our lives (God, church, family, work, health). No one area is to drive out the others. There should be a compatibility between these things. There’s always a way to make time for everything if you work with your schedules.
  • Our ultimate purpose from Genesis is to work. Because of the Fall, we have alienation from the creation (our work). We are to reverse the effect of sin through redemption including work. Work is valuable in and of itself. Most people don’t fully grasp that. One professor said there are times when it’s immoral to share the Gospel at work. We don’t just work to share the Gospel or to make money. The primary purpose of work is to be faithful with the gifts God has given us.
  • Life verses: Eph 6:10, Matthew 18:21, Psalm 130
  • For work commute, listen to the Bible, sermons, 20 hour long lectures called “The Basic Apologetics Course” on Youtube and the website, podcasts on the website
  • Contact,

Surrender Only to One with Lt. Col. Damon Friedman – CMAW030


What You’ll Hear:

  • Dr. Damon Friedman had good people in his life who talked about Jesus and he even understood Jesus as Lord but hadn’t embraced Him as his personal savior.  He was born and raised in LA. His Mom was born in Puerto Rico.
  • He got a full scholarship to college for running but then he dropped out. In his sophomore year in college he accepted Jesus as his personal savior but didn’t grow spiritually.
  • He graduated with honors with a double major in psychology and criminal social justice
  • His biological father was very abusive physically and emotionally
  • His single Mom got government support and Damon joined the military to give back.  He was impressed by a marine who approached him and so he served with the Marines for 5 years and then went into Air Force Special Op’s.
  • He founded SOF (Shield of Faith) Missions, based on Eph 6.  They have 3 initiatives 1) Creating awareness through film 2) Provide support through groups and education 3) Intensive care (also called the Surrender Project)
  • In 2010 he was deployed and his life was a mess.  He was fighting without sleep for 72 hours. He promised to serve the Lord and God saved Damon
  • Committing your life to Christ shares some similarities to when someone commits to serve in the military
  • We need to do something about the vets and active duty military who are killing themselves
  • The film was the idea of someone he met from Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusade. They filmed where American Sniper was filmed in the dessert.
  • The film is the main weapon to capture people’s attention.  Their focus initially is vets but intend to also help first responders, etc.

Needing God with Ken Helser – CMAW 027


What You’ll Hear:

  • Ken was picked on in grade school
  • He found he could sing well and found success recording and performing, and was going to tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Almond Brothers and was going to enter into a contract with Dick Clark
  • In May 19, 1970 he was told by a Pastor that music was his god and he gave up his band and gave his life to Christ
  • From that band, 2 guys died tragically, 2 went to prison, and 3 became Christian
  • He had to admit to his wife that he had been committing adultery for 3-1/2 years.  His wife Linda forgave him and never brought it up again, something Ken calls the greatest miracle of his life.
  • The one thing Ken wanted more than anything was to be a communicator.  Those dreams that had been in the dark were brought to the light
  • Those days were Ken’s seminary.  He thought he should go to seminary but didn’t want to.  Someone told him that he was going to the seminary of life. She said that God was looking for people that can prove the Gospel by applying the truths of God to the laboratory of life.
  • Ken had a vision of having land.  It took 16 years until they purchased 52 acres of land.  His 8 year old son Jonathan watched Ken walk this land and later Jonathan went to YWAM and returned wanting to join Ken in his ministry.
  • They’ve used what they’ve had and paid cash for everything.  2 years ago, Ken turned the ministry over to his son Jonathan.  They have a group called The Cageless Birds.
  • All of Ken’s children have gone past him
  • Ken’s wife was diagnosed with cancer in 1976 and had no plans for any more children and planned for a hysterectomy.  A man prophesied to him that Ken would have a son who would write songs for his generation that would go over all the world.
  • Ken prayed over his wife and she was healed and they then had Jonathan.
  • Last year Jonathan’s song “No Longer a Slave to Fear” was given a Dove Award and gone all over the world.
  • The key to relationship is communication.  Isaiah 55:3 said “Hear and your soul shall live”.  He read that while smoking dope and doing yoga.  Ken sought someone who could help him hear from God.
  • Ken learned that in everything God has a voice.  He spokes mostly through scripture.  Francis Assisi says creation is God’s second book.
  • You have to ask God to speak to you.  God wants to speak to us more than we want to hear.
  • One reason people don’t want to hear from God is they’re afraid of what He’ll say because they have the wrong image of God.
  • Oswald Chambers said “The Christian life is authenticated when the indwelling Spirit applies the principles of Christ to the particular circumstances in which you and I are placed”.  Ken said ” I don’t think I hate anything more than my own hypocrisy”
  • “The willingness to be wrong in order for God to be right is a humongous key to life”
  • The hardest person to be authentic with is ourself
  • “To answer before listening is folly and shame” – Proverbs 18:13
  • “I need Jesus more than I’ve ever needed Him”
  • One day God asked Ken “Why do you keep trying to outgrow your need for Me?”
  • “You’re most blessed when you’re most needy”
  • The most pain a human being can ever suffer is rejection.  The worst thing you can do is to hold onto bitterness and unforgiveness.
  • “Anything you do that does not flow out of a heart of worship you do out of your flesh”
  • Favorite verse Psalm 37:4 and Philippians 2
  • “The key to discipline is desire”
  • To contact go yo

Citizen Legislator with Bert Jones-CMAW029

What You’ll Hear:
  • Bert Jones gave his life to Christ at the age of 8 at a Grady Wilson crusade at the football stadium in Reidsville, NC. Later in life he recommitted his life many times
  • As a boy and young man, Bert had a lot of jobs, he worked mowing yards, bagging groceries, bussing tables, and spent summers working for the local Parks and Rec and for the local can plant. He also was a substitute teacher teaching all grades and did inventory for drug stores and grocery stores.
  • Bert went to UNC-Chapel Hill for undergraduate and dental school and returned to his hometown to start up a dental practice and has lived there his whole life
  • It’s important to be an active part of your local community.  God created us to serve and there’s a lot of opportunities out there to benefit others and benefit your community.
  • Bert has been active with the RCBE – Rockingham Council of Bible Education.  It’s the fundraising arm for Bible education in the public schools. It gives an opportunity to have a Bible teacher in middle school and high school.  At the elementary school it’s a bus ministry.  It’s been in operation for almost 100 years.
  • Bert was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout and an Eagle Scout and was a leader with his son.  He’s not sure what the future is for Scouts.
  • Putting the Lord first is the key to a great marriage and parenting.  Be honest.  If you always tell the truth you don’t need to remember what you said. Be always ready to forgive.  Think about how much the Lord has forgiven us.  Show mercy and grace and love. Follow what the Bible says about how to treat our wife and children.
  • Bert had been the County Commissioner and a lot of people were encouraging him to run for the state legislature. The Lord called him to run. Around 2009 Bert left the Republican party because they were not following conservative principles with the stimulus package and other decisions. An unaffiliated candidate had never won but Bert beat an 8 term incumbent by 12%. It seemed like a miracle at the time. The Lord did it. With God all things are possible.
  • Bert has been reelected with large margins and served for 4 terms but has decided not to run again. He feels strongly about being a citizen legislator and wishes Washington and Raleigh were term limited.
  • This year Jerry Carter, a fine conservative Christian is running to replace Bert.  He is being raised up by the Lord and Bert is at total peace about it.
  • Bert has been a leader to pass a resolution in NC for the Convention of States.  Article 5 of the Constitution allows both the states and congress to call for a constitutional amendment. This effort has 3 main goals, to impose term limits on federal officials, to impose fiscal restraint, and to shift power from the federal government to the state.
  • Our country will go down in bankruptcy if difficult decisions are not made to address the federal debt.
  • Our founders would turn over in their grave if they knew we were choosing out of fear not to use this option they gave us. It’s an urgent need
  • Bert is most proud of the things he has been a part of in the legislature that have eternal consequences including marriage and life.  In addition, from a fiscal standpoint they inherited a 3 Billion deficit and now have surpluses.  We were the most liberal state in south.  We were ranked near the bottom in terms of ratings for being business friendly and jobs friendly and now we’re near the top. We honored Billy Graham and his statue will be at statuary hall in Washington.
  • Starting in 2019, Bert will be the next State Chaplain for the Capital Commission.  Brad Harbaugh, the current state chaplain will become the national president for this organization. The Capital Commission provides chaplain service for the State and Federal Capitals. It includes Chapel service once a week, monthly prayer breakfasts, prayer walks, and much more.
  • We are commanded as Christians to not just talk the talk but walk the walk. If we’re going to be telling others our faith is in Christ, hopefully we have something in our life that they want. God has entrusted you with a job. You have an opportunity to reach the people around you. We are created to glorify God, and if we’re going to glorify God we need to be a faithful witness in the world.
  • Work is what we do to make a living. Work is a blessing. Work is a good thing. People are often conditioned to think that work is bad and play is good. Work is life and life is work. Go to work with the idea that you’re not just on a treadmill earning a paycheck, but that God really does have a higher purpose for our work. God gave Adam work to do in the garden before sin. I believe God is going to have work for us to do in heaven and He’s certainly given us work to do here on this earth.
  • It’s good to have other interests outside of work, spending time with your family or a hobby. We should have a spiritual balance and a physical balance and a mental balance.
  • You need to build relationships with people before you talk about more important things.  You can then tell them you’re concerned about their soul and share the Gospel. God gives us opportunities and hopefully we can take advantage of them.
  • Bert‘s favorite verse is Matthew 6:33 – “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be given to you”
  • Good things to listen to while commuting are the BBN – Bible Broadcasting Network and Christian music. it really sets the tone for the day.
  • Contact Bert at and look him up

Surrender Every Day with Ed Kilby – CMAW028


Listen here:
What You’ll Hear:
  • Ed became a Christian at age 9.  His Mom took him to an 8 day revival service.  He went forward on the last night.
  • God saved him at 9 so he wouldn’t have to go through his whole life without Jesus like his father did. His father didn’t become a Christian until he was 55.  He was always there but didn’t see a need for Christ in his life.
  • Ed graduated from Clemson University and worked for Owens Corning. He found he liked the customer relationships and went into sales and a lot of travel.
  • He wanted less travel so went to work as a plant engineer for the Certainty Corporation, then got promoted into management, then went back into sales and then marketing, always prospering.
  • After 25 years, he went to work for an engineering consulting firm. 3 years ago, he retired from that but has continued to work on a contractual basis.
  • In 1993, Ed and his wife were living in Kansas City and were invited to a dinner where they learned about Gideons and they accepted an invitation to join.
  • We believe God can use those Bibles put in the pathways of life.
  • In 2015 while in Indonesia, an 85% Muslim country, they distributed 121,000 copies of God’s word in a 5 day period. On Saturday morning, they went to an old Buddhist Temple. 5 young ladies who were Muslim came up to him and asked if they could interview him and he witnessed to them.
  • When Ed got involved with Promise Keepers blacks and whites joined together and God used that to open his eyes that we need to be more diverse
  • “We tend to surround ourselves with people that are just like us but that’s not how we’re going to grow”
  • Randolph Christian Men is the hub with other ministries serving as spokes.
  • The local Crisis Pregnancy Center has men being mentored on how to become fathers
  • Christians United Outreach Center (CUOC) and Our Daily Bread (soup kitchen) help the community
  • The key to a good marriage is commitment.  Marriage is not 50/50, it’s more like 100/100. A strand of 3 is not easily broken.  We were always committed to serving the Lord. “God has been the glue that has kept us together through these 50 years.”
  • Work life balance is how do you set your priorities. There are seasons in your life when you have to work a lot and there are other seasons where you choose to work a lot. Those are unique times, I don’t want that to be my norm. I also have to have that quality time with my wife, with my family, with my friends.
  • Sometimes you need to give up some income to have a better life, and that life is with Jesus Christ and your family.
  • The one thing we misunderstand as men is that we value our work as who we are. That is not who we are.  In Jesus Christ, we’re a sinner saved by grace. Often our ego, especially as a man, is that job that we have.
  • Ed worked with a young sales manager once who was kind of brash and needed to mature. One of Ed’s Christian brothers asked Ed if he was praying for him. “I started praying for this young man, and God changed me…about 4 years later he called me and said ‘Ed I need you to pray for me, I have cancer'”
  • Once, a bid was due in to a major prospect for a $5 million potential contract.  After they turned in their bid, they got more info and realized they could have turned in a lower number.  They could not change their bid because Ed was honest and said they got new info.  They later secured another portion of business and Ed thinks it was because God allowed him to maintain good integrity.
  • The first thing to do in a workplace to share the Gospel is to be yourself
  • If you’re walking with the Lord, He opens up opportunities, that divine encounter.  It’s not something you can force.
  • Ed’s life verse is Ephesians 2:10 “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them”.  This became clear to Ed 3 years ago when Ed was not nominated to a leadership position with the Gideons he knew he would have been good at, but later was nominated to be the state Chaplain instead, something he wasn’t comfortable with but after a conversation with God he accepted it and has been challenged and blessed by it.
  • We have to re-surrender to God every day and let Him have His way. I think that’s what we all need to do.
  • Contact Ed at C-336-302-7401 or email

A Life in Radio with Ru Rose – CMAW 026

What You’ll Hear:
  • Ru was raised knowing the Lord, but didn’t have a personal encounter until he got in a car accident in 1979, running into a bridge going 55 mph, after which he was watching The Crystal Cathedral and got saved
  • It took a while for Ru to get out of the habits he had, and on the way to work one day he heard the Lord speak to him telling him to preach and teach
  • Ru started his career in radio right out of high school, working at WCBS in New York City
  • He worked in Baltimore on air and then went to North Carolina
  • He went to Rhema Bible Training Center to enter ministry and get more solid in the Word.  He worked in radio there in Tulsa
  • God used Ru‘s knowledge in radio to help advance the Kingdom of God
  • Ru got his BA in Theology in 2006. God used him in different ways at different times
  • Ru never quit loving God but sometimes missed some things
  • Once you know the truth and the fullness of the Lord, we’ll always have the truth, the love the promises of God with us
  • Ru‘s heart is teaching believers how to witness.  That’s been a missing element.
  • Ru wrote a book called “So you want to go to heaven” written to non-believers
  • Jesus is the door, the only way to get to heaven
  • To share the gospel, you need to get over the fear factor
  • Renew your mind and leave the things of the world and come to the love and compassion of Jesus Christ and you will really live
  • God loves you and wants the best for you, what we do is allow the enemy to come in because we get out of the care of God
  • Hell is a real place and we shouldn’t want anybody to ever go to Hell, that’s why it’s important for us to talk to people
  • God’s plan and purpose gives our lives meaning
  • One way to witness is to say “if you suddenly died tonight, where would you go?”
  • Ru doesn’t count how many people he’s lead to the Lord, his objective is to help people understand that they need Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior
  • Another witness method when going door to door is to ask if they think the church is being effective in the community first
  • Do not share the gospel while you’re working, do it while on a break or at lunch when you’re off the clock unless it comes up in a general discussion
  • Never argue with people
  • Even if you’re at a store, don’t talk with employees because they’re there to work
  • Be the best at what you do, you give honor to God and give glory in your life
  • If you don’t know what to do with your career, you need to pray, and it may take a couple of jobs to figure that out
  • No job is guaranteed to last forever
  • When it comes to work life balance, God is first, your wife is second, your children are third, your job is fourth
  • You can’t just leave a kid alone today and think they’ll be OK
  • Proverbs was written for young people
  • It’s one thing to assume, it’s another thing to know
  • Favorite scripture if John 3:16, it’s so powerful, another one is Ps 91:14-16 “Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high, because he has known My name.
    15 He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him.
    16 With long life I will satisfy him, And show him My salvation”
  • We spend a lot of time in our cars.  A lot of guys are into sports. Why not spend some time listening to the Word right in your own car undistracted.
  • We’re the most educated and advanced we’ve ever been and diverse, and yet things are falling apart in every area.  The one thing that’s been left out of the equation is people have gotten further away from the Lord.
  • Be brave about letting people know about Jesus Christ as Lord
  • Every day someone dies and they either meet Jesus or they don’t
  • To contact Ru, email
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