A Christian Man at Work with Dave Hilgendorf-CMAW040

Replay of “Real Men Connect” Podcast Interview, used with permission
What You’ll Hear:
  • Dave grew up in a home with a loving family that faithfully went to church every Sunday, but faith was considered a private matter
  • In College Dave continued to go to church but led a sinful lifestyle
  • He got a great job as an engineer at General Mills, but wasn’t satisfied with his job or relationships and quit his job to try and get rich quick in real estate flipping homes
  • 8 years later Dave hit a low point, divorced and broke, and was invited to a church where he met Kari.  He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, married Kari, adopted her 2 girls, declared bankruptcy and began a new job as an engineer again
  • He struggled with what it meant to live out his faith through his work
  • The book “God has a dream for you” by Bill Godwin inspired him to write the book “Jesus is at Work”
  • Most people don’t think of their work in spiritual terms but instead just as a way to make money
  • Going to college with a habit of not talking about and thinking about God’s will for his life was not good
  • Having joy at work starts with being close to God and reminding yourself of your true purpose
  • Joy is a consistent attitude of gratitude and is different than happiness which fluctuates daily
  • God values work, one of the first things He did with Adam and Eve was to give them work
  • It’s not up to us to decide whether or not our work matters, it’s up to God
  • Every Good Endeavor by Tim Keller says common grace is God blessing everybody, sinner and saint. No matter what work you do you are part of God’s common grace to mankind
  • God’s purpose for our life and our work is for us to love Him and love others
  • We should bring our faith and our life into every part of our life
  • God’s assignment is specific things God wants us to do in our work
  • His general assignment for our work is the same for all of us, including excelling, loving others, having integrity, sharing the good news
  • God is not going to be mad at us if we don’t do these assignments, but if we do them we will have the abundant life He wants for us
  • We should avoid comparing ourselves to others at work because this can lead to both envy and judgment
  • If we focus too much on our hobbies or our retirement it can prevent us from being present at our work and miss opportunities God has for us at our job
  • We should be positive about our work when we can and when we are feeling negative try to keep our mouth shut
  • If you’re stuck between a job and a dream, take steps in that direction but don’t step off the boat until you’re at the dock
  • We should let God be our promoter by trusting in Him rather than trying to make something happen, be patient.  The test is after the fact whether you can sincerely that what happened was from God
  • Biggest mistake was going bankrupt
  • The one attitude I would change in men with their work is apathy
  • Next big thing if couldn’t fail would be to write a high impact fiction book
  • Greatest force in the universe is a man’s sex drive, God did that for a reason, if we channel that energy within the boundaries God gave us we will be blessed and not cursed
  • Still struggle with sadness/discontent/being judgmental


SLMAW 003 – Adding Silhouettes with Chris Patton

Chris Patton

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What You’ll Hear:

    • How Chris saw Adding Silhouettes as God’s mission for his car business
    • They have tried and implemented several ways to add silhouettes, including a different sales model, hiring a corporate chaplain, putting Bibles in the lobby and in the glove box of new cars
    • It took much longer to implement the first change than he ever imagined.  He lost confidence in himself and the business actually was losing money.  He leaned heavily on the Psalms and hired a consultant

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