Being Vulnerable with Raleigh Sadler-CMAW045



What You’ll Hear:
  • Raleigh wasn’t growing up in a Christian household. He was invited to a vacation Bible School and they had cookies
  • He later prayed to receive Christ at 8 years old, though he doubted it for years
  • He is the founder and Exec Director of Let My People Go, a non-profit dedicated to stopping human trafficking which is the exploitation of vulnerability for commercial gain
  • He had his dream job as a campus pastor in West Virginia when they phased out his job.  At the same time, God was calling him to be involved in the issue of human trafficking
  • A great way to find what God is doing is to seek out those most vulnerable
  • Our churches often reflect us, our socio-economic background.  We like to be comfortable
  • It’s easy to love those who are clean and aren’t dealing with trauma.
  • God is calling us to love those of His choosing, not those of our choosing
  • We can seek out those most vulnerable in the workplace, just like in our high school cafeteria
  • If we want to get to know someone, we have to actually sit down, and hear their story on their terms
  • If we do this, it will broaden and will deepen our dependence on the Gospel
  • Vulnerability is not easy, but it’s worth it
  • When we talk to people and are being transparent in a way where we’re actually risking something, people open up
  • Men have been taught that emotional constipation is the norm and something to which we should aspire
  • If we focus on self protection, we’ll never be free to protect others
  • The Pharisees used their religiosity as a mask and hid behind it, as Christians we often hide behind our own masks and we aren’t vulnerable
  • If you’re not vulnerable with God, you’re not going to be vulnerable with others
  • There’s a big difference between the theology of the glory and the theology of the cross
  • Human trafficking can happen anywhere because there are vulnerable people anywhere
  • Human trafficking includes sex trafficking, but also labor and domestic servitude
  • Debt bondage involves a trafficker making someone owe them something and continues to increase the debt
  • Your brokenness could ultimately point someone to wholeness
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